In 2011 Transcendence Group were involved in a joint donation project with Discovery Health and Dell South Africa to assist the Choc Foundation with Hero Skills™ educational resources. The children at nine houses throughout South Africa that are managed by Choc are using the Hero Skills™ software produced by Transcendence. If you are a company who would like to be allies with us in a similar project please contact us.
For 2012 we focussed our giving to be channeled in the work of the Rivers Foundation.  As stated on their website: ”The Rivers Foundation provides a well managed vehicle for businesses and individuals to donate money and offer volunteer service for projects that alleviate the plight and suffering of the less fortunate. Annually, the Foundation considers credible beneficiary projects and organisations that are reputable and showing significant progress and results to support. Funds and volunteer service channelled through the Foundation are used exclusively for the projects to which they are allocated and no administration costs are deducted. The Rivers Foundation is a registered non-profit organization and provides an umbrella body for businesses and individuals to donate finance and volunteer practical assistance. We are managed and built on the same values and principles of governance that have established Rivers Church as a strong organization. Neither Rivers Church nor Rivers staff receive any of the funds received by the Rivers Foundation in the form of a salary or payment for services rendered to the Rivers Foundation.”
In 2013 we decided to support LIBRII, a new model library in Africa.  This is a Kickstarter project to build by Architecture for Humanity DC.  “Librii is a network of low-cost, digitally powered libraries deployed along the expanding fiber optic infrastructure in the developing world.  Librii creates a complete enabling environment of digital and physical resources operated by a staff of professional librarians. Librii provides individuals and communities in emerging markets the tools to solve their own educational, informational, and economic challenges.”  The first project is for a LIBRII in Ghana.  You can learn more about this project at the link below.